Trump in Panama City Beach

I went out to the Trump venue last night as planned.  It is an outdoor amphitheater at the Pier Park mall and town center, SRO capacity about 10,000.  Reportedly about the same number outside; the venue was overwhelmed and parking slammed throughout the mall complex and feeder streets.  The weather was excellent.

The assembling crowd  was 99.99 percent white, mostly older although many children and younger couples. Signs and demonstrations were discouraged, and except for just a few over-the-top t-shirts no untoward behavior. I found a spot outside the fence but in earshot of the stage. The warm-up speakers were local and regional politicians, ministers, candidates, and Republican officials.  Trump ran almost an hour late;  I left before he arrived.

The warm-ups were disturbing to me.  The atmosphere was almost Pentecostal camp meeting, with Hillary Clinton as Satan and Donald Trump(!) as Savior. 

 One candidate did a chant exhorting: \”Christians, hold on! Donald Trump is coming!\” \”Nation of Israel, hold on! Donald Trump is coming!\”  \”Neglected military and veterans, hold on! Donald Trump is coming!\” …and on through the unemployed, the displaced, a litany of despair to be relieved by… Trump.  Rousing cheers in response to each declaration of this mystical Coming of Trump.

Other speakers brought up other lost or endangered causes: gay marriage, guns, abortion, law and order, deep trouble across the land.  All laced with Hillary Clinton’s crimes and malevolent plans to degrade society.

About 7:30 PM the outside crowd had realized there was no hope of getting inside, so people started finding listening spots along the fences. This seemed to disturb the authorities and police, who commenced herding the crowd back to the hopeless entrance and yellow-taping the street to keep people from some of the remaining spots with audio access. When the police  got stern and brought out their K-9, I left. I have zero tolerance for police dogs.  Still no Trump.

I drove 30 miles home and watched Giuliani and Trump on local TV (kudos to WMBB-TV, the local ABC station that pre-empted ABC’s network schedule).

Rudy Giuliani’s intro was heavy on Hillary’s crimes and FBI special treatment, and his total confidence in Donald Trump to restore order.  Trump gave his usual word salad stump speech, with little evidence he even knew where he was.  The crowd loved it and interrupted often with applause.

I’m concerned about what happens after this election.  These candidates and speakers left no space for reconciliation or engagement with Democrats, win or lose. It seems quite possible a Trump loss would move a large faction to isolate themselves even more from government, becoming a large hostile tribe akin to the Orange after the Northern Ireland Troubles.  Let’s hope and pray not. 


I Have a Trump Rally Ticket

I have a ticket to the Trump rally at Panama City Beach tonight.  Not really planning on attending, being a \”never Trump\” voter.  I just want a firsthand impression of the campaign. It is historic for all the wrong reasons, no matter who wins.  The ticket may be memorabilia?

Sully: The Official Accident Report is Great Reading

This cross-posted from my comment on Philip Greenspun’s Weblog. Went to his link from a post on the Sully movie and read the accident report. Long but you don’t have to read it all. Sully did a great job but not just stick-and-rudder. He instinctively started the auxiliary power unit and thus retained all the automation and hydraulic power needed to ditch in the “normal law” fly-by-wire regime which protects the plane from stalling. I had presumed he was in one of the degraded regimes that are more dicey. They were also fortunate to be in one of 20 USAir A320’s equipped for over-water (more than 50 miles offshore) so they had slide-rafts and did not have to depend on 150 shocked passengers finding and donning life vests. A few people did, and some more removed their seat cushions, but the rafts plus the wings kept everybody out of the 42 degree water, which would have killed some trying to swim unassisted. Finally, it was also very fortunate to land on a busy ferry route with professional crews. And, as philg said, the airframe exceeded it’s structural design by remaining almost intact despite an impact almost double the design conditions.

I have not seen the movie but it can’t be much better than the report for a tech or aviation enthusiast. Lots of background stuff on FAA , engine design, Airbus and the bird strike problem in general.

Hurricane Hermine

Hurricane Hermine passed 100 miles east, landfalling at St Marks, FL as Category 1 with 80 mph winds.  A non-event here as we were on the dry side and it really was a minor storm.  Weather Channel and all kinds of \”responders\” in a frenzy for a week in advance.  I’m too old to get excited and certainly too old to go to a shelter.  It’ll be Michele’s house in Decatur, Georgia for us if we ever evacuate.  Our storm supplies (six gallons of water) intact.

Posts from My 1999 Server

This is the first post from a new blogging system called created by Dave Winer.  It runs on my server at Amazon Web Services, hopefully for a long time.  The title borrows a little fame from the scary 2016 GOP candidate-cum-reality-TV-magnate.  

Why run a blog server when Medium, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and a dozen others will do it for me? Well, much of my writing will appear in those places, but I don’t want them to own it.  We’ll see where it goes, but all my stuff will reside here at the other Donald .